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Iconic Junk Removal is an Edmonton based company with expertise in the field of junk removal services. We will take care of everything from the labour to the proper disposal of all the items that are removed. Let Iconic Junk Removal handle the details so you do not have to go through the hassle of getting rid of excess junk or large/cumbersome items that have accumulated in your home or business. The Iconic team has the right machinery, equipment, tools and skills required for the most simple and basic tasks, to the most complex and time-consuming ones while being efficient and getting the job done safely. The best part about it is you will not even realize we are there!


Hiring us will save you the time and the cost of having to clean everything on your own. More commonly than you would think we can be more cost effective compared to you doing the task and buying the resources yourself.


Minimum Load

Minimum Load - $100.00 (up to 50cu.ft)


1/8 Load - $150.00 (75cu.ft)


1/6 Load - $190.00 (100cu.ft)


1/4 Load - $225.00 (150cu.ft)


1/2 Load - $325.00 (300cu.ft)


3/4 Load - $425.00 (450cu.ft)


Full Load - $525.00 (600cu.ft

Iconic Junk Removal Edmonton full service moving image
1/8 Load
1/6 Load
1/4 Load
1/2 Load
3/4 Load
Full Load

*Prices are subject to change for heavier loads*


  1. Couch/Love Seat Removal

  2. Mattress/Boxspring Removal

  3. Bed Frame Removal

  4. Desk Removal

  5. Dresser Removal

  6. Television Removal

  7. Sofa Bed Removal

  8. Table/Chair Removal

  9. Wall Unit Removal

  10. Hutch Removal

  11. Filing Cabinet Removal

  12. Patio Furniture Removal

  13. Exercise Equipment Removal

  14. Refrigerator Removal

  15. Freezer Removal

  16. Hot Tub Removal

  17. Jacuzzi Removal

  18. Stove Removal

  19. Washer/Dryer Removal

  20. Microwave Removal

  21. Dishwasher Removal

  22. Water Tank Removal

  23. Trampolines Removal

  24. Clothing Removal

  25. Tree branches and brush Removal

  26. Tire Removal

  27. Piano Removal

  28. Household garbage pickup

Iconic Junk Raemoval Edmonton full service cube van image


  1. Pallet Removal

  2. Drywall Removal

  3. Plywood Removal

  4. Shingle Removal

  5. Metal Scrap Removal

  6. Mixed Renovation/Construction Debris Removal

  7. Generator Removal

  8. Siding Removal

  9. Concrete (when agreed upon)

  10. Wood Cutoff Removal

  11. Wooden Reel Removal

  12. Office Furniture Removal

  13.  Steel Stud Removal

Iconic Junk Removal Edmonton full service construction debris image

Items listed above are not exclusive to our services, let us know what you need removed!  

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