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    Iconic Junk Removal will provide you with an accurate estimate before the job begins. The customers can leave everything to us and give us just an idea about the end result they would like, the junk they want to be thrown away and the stuff they want to keep for themselves. Iconic Junk Removal will carry out its processes without affecting your daily routine and without causing any kind of interruptions in your surroundings. The waste and junk will be put away responsibly by following all guidelines of the government and without causing any type of harm to the environment. The junk that will be thrown away will be used for multiple purposes such as recycling the junk that seems like it can be used for some other purpose and can serve better by being turned into another product. Products will be given to the needy that need the basic necessities of life and can attain complete joy from things that we usually throw away without thinking!
    Trash is an assortment of small, random objects which have no business existing together. Food material, soda cans, candy wrappers, etc. are trash and can be enclosed in trash bags. On the other hand, the size of junk cannot be defined. A wall clock that you have no use of and is lying in your garage unsupervised is junk, and so is a burned-out 1980’s fridge. However, usually, junk is hard to move around. Regardless of it’s size, Iconic Junk Removal Edmonton can help you get rid of all your junk!
    Trash is gross – as we have already established and it attracts rodents, flies and all sorts of insects which is a safety concern for a lot of people. Junk can also give rise to safety concerns. Junk includes a wide variety of material. For instance, a leg of your dining table’s chair is broken, and it’s sitting in your living place idly. It’s unstable and can crumble at any moment. Plus, you can’t use it either way and if anyone sits on it, they will get a bodily injury. More importantly, junk from commercial sites such as testing labs, if not discarded properly, can cause the surrounding land and wildlife to undergo drastic, adverse outcomes which harm the entire ecosystem. Iconic Junk Removal can help you remove all your junk in a safe manner.
    Trash is easy to get rid of. Just put in in a bag and discard it into the outdoor garbage can. Your trash is the responsibility of the Edmonton Waste Management Center, and the local sanitation worker will take care of it. It might end up in a landfill, get recycled or used as power. You don’t have to worry about it. Your junk on the other hand, is solely your concern. Your garbage man may not take it with him and discarding it in the nearby landfill might not be legally feasible. In this case, you’ll have to call upon trusted Junk Removal companies such as Iconic Junk Removal to take the junk off your hand.
    Come to think of it; junk removal is an iconic process. You get rid of stuff that you don’t need, thereby clearing out your space, and simultaneously, you’ll be helping people and saving the environment. Most of your junk is recycled. Junk Removal companies like Iconic Junk Removal have access to a wide variety of resources and can recycle more materials than the average person. A lot of salvageable items and materials from your junk end up as donations. Breaking down and removing scrap from those items which are still in a usable condition is usually the second step carried out after sorting the items into a “donation” pile. These reclaimed scrap items are sent to the specified recycling centers, while items that have been deemed still somewhat usable are sent to regional and international non profit organizations as a donation. Iconic Junk Removal can help you with this process. If Junk Removal involves the handling and disposing of harmful substances such as those commonly found at commercial sites, then advanced methods have to be used to break down these chemicals and then introduce/dispose them into the environment. Iconic Junk Removal can potentially save you from the hazard posed by such materials.
    We accept payment by e-transfer and credit card.
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